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Interview with John Strelecky

John Strelecky

Interview with John Strelecky

“The world has so many amazing and beautiful places full of wonderful people.”

John, you are an experienced book author and you have already been honored with your guides and novels in the select group of the `hundred most inspiring people in the field of leadership and personal development´. How did you come to be a book author?

John Strelecky

John Strelecky: When I was in my early thirties I made a major decision to leave my career and go backpack around the world. Pretty much everyone told me I was crazy. I had always dreamed of seeing the world and being an adventurer though, and I felt like my life was going by so fast. It felt like if I didn’t do it then, I might never do it, and the thought of that was not good. So I did it. And it turned out to be a life changing decision. The experiences I had and the people I met positively impacted my life in so many ways. I came back a different person.

When I returned from that trip, something inside me said sit down and start typing. So, I did. Over the next twenty-one days, the story of `Das Cafe am Rande der Welt´ flowed through me. Now here we are. That little book has been translated into 43 languages, sold over four million copies, and is being turned into a movie.

Most important of all though, is I know from the heartfelt emails and messages people send, that it has helped them in their lives. Which is incredibly humbling and wonderful.

„So for me, the `Cafe´ is a wonderfully magical place, and I think readers have found that to be true for them as well.“

John Strelecky

Your best-known book titles ‚The Cafe on the Edge of the World‘ and ‘The Big Five for Life‘ are narratives about the meaning of life and an ode to life itself. What do readers find in your books?

Das Café am Rande der Welt

John Strelecky: In interacting with fans over the years, they’ve shared with me that they find hope. Prior to reading the books they were struggling with something, or in pain of some sort, and often feeling very alone in the world.

After reading the books they realize they aren’t alone. That there are lots of other people also wondering about the meaning of life and trying to figure it all out. They also find answers to some of what they’ve been struggling with. Honestly, the same experience happens with me and the stories. So many times, during the writing process one of the characters will say something which helps me deal with a situation I’ve been struggling with. That was especially true of the third book in the cafe series ` Wiedersehen im Café am Rande der Welt´, which deals with getting older. In going back to the cafe, I found answers in the story which I couldn’t seem to find anywhere else.

So for me, the `Cafe´ is a wonderfully magical place, and I think readers have found that to be true for them as well.

„I hope the books inspire readers to follow their heart and leap into whatever adventures call to them. „

John Strelecky

What would you like to achieve with your stories and book content?

John Strelecky: My great wish is the stories help people live their version of an extraordinary life. I hope the books inspire readers to follow their heart and leap into whatever adventures call to them.

The Big Five for Life

It’s amazing the way a single concept or way of looking at things can forever change our lives in a positive way. My goal is to share those concepts. And it’s wonderful to see the impact that can have on others. For example, the concept of `Museum Day´ from my book, `The Big Five for Life´. Over the years I’ve received so many beautiful stories of the ways that has helped people shape their view of life. It has inspired musicians to write songs, parents to create special moments with their children, entrepreneurs to found companies with extraordinary cultures, and lots and lots of want to be travelers to go see the world.

In 2022 the fourth book in the `Das Cafe am Rande der Welt´ series comes out. The main character is a fifteen-year-old girl. And while the wisdom of her story is something for all of us, I especially hope younger readers will find inspiration to help them deal with the challenges they may be facing, and then go on to live amazing lives.

Besides writing books, your second passion is traveling with your family. What are your three favorite places that you have got to know so far?

John Strelecky: The world has so many amazing and beautiful places full of wonderful people. When I travel I’m I especially drawn to adventure, nature, and animals, so South Africa, New Zealand, and the Amazon are three of my favorites destinations for those specific things. I can honestly say though, that everywhere I’ve traveled has been special in some way.

These days I really miss traveling to places where I get to interact with fans of the books. It’s one of my favorite activities each year and because of the covid challenges that hasn’t been possible. The plan is that I’ll be doing an Eleven-city-tour through Germany, Austria, and Switzerland starting May 17th of 2022. We even have a tour bus reserved that’s decorated with all kinds of fun cafe imagery. That’s the way I’ll get from city to city and it’s designed so fans can take all kinds of cool selfies with it. So, I’m really hopeful that will happen because it would be a lot of fun for everyone.

John Strelecky Reisen

One of your other books is titled ‚The Big Five for Life‘. Which five things in life are most important to you – and why?

John Strelecky: Thank you for asking. It’s an incredible gift when someone is curious about what matters most to us in life. It also opens up some really rich discussions when we’re interacting with others and we embark on that type of conversation.
My personal Big-Five-for-Life are;

#1. Have a loving relationship with the people who matter most to me.
Why? – At the end of the day, it’s the special moments with the people I love which are the most important to me. Those are the memories which make me smile the broadest, and which make my heart feel most full.

#2. Travel the world.
Why? – I’m an adventurer at my core. I feel so alive when I’m experiencing new things and pushing the boundaries of what I know, and what I’m capable of.

#3. Master mind over matter.
Why? – We have far greater capabilities than we experience in our everyday lives. I’m fascinated by what we’re truly capable of when we tap the full potential of our mind.

#4. Inspire as many people as possible through my books and other activities.
Why? – I know how tough it is to feel lost, in pain, and alone. I feel a big part of my life’s purpose is to help others move away from that and to experience the wonder that life can be. Writing is one of the best ways I know how to do that.

#5. Write a song which breaks the top ten of the pop charts.
Why? – I’ve always loved the way music can instantly transport us emotionally, and energetically. It’s another form of writing, and one which I think would be awesome to try.

Postkarte Strelecky
Postkarte Strelecky

Thank you very much John for the great interview.


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